Digital photography & cameras

Digital cameras have progressed so much in the space of 10 years it is hard to believe and with new products on the market all the time you need to know the basics. There are two main types of cameras; SLR and compact. SLR cameras are considered superior over compact cameras for many reasons but they are more expensive and complex.

There are two types of cameras; compact and digital SLR cameras. There are three major differences when comparing compact and digital SLR cameras. The first difference is that the SLR cameras have a different viewfinder mechanism. What this means is that the image captured on a SLR camera gets sent straight to the sensor whereas in a compact camera this is not the case. The viewfinder mechanism in a compact camera essentially tries to eliminate what light reaches the sensor so it is less accurate.

The second major difference is that SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses where as compact cameras have one fixed lens. Well why does this matter you ask? An interchangeable lens allows flexibility and allows you to capture a wide variety of scenes without sacrificing quality and manoeuvrability. An interchangeable lens allows you to take photos with a shallower depth of field. It also allows you to use ultra-wide angle lenses and extreme telephoto lenses. The final difference between compact and SLR is that compact cameras have a smaller camera sensor in contrast to SLR cameras. This has a huge, yet underestimated impact on image quality.

Current technology is always trying to be improved upon and there will always be new and different technology. You should always try and chose the camera that suits your needs the best and is one you can afford and use to the best of your ability.

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